Lawrence Alex Wu

Lawrence Alex Wu
Professional Photographer

As one of the world’s leading internationally acclaimed underwater professionals shooting with compact cameras, Alex has over two dozen internationally awarded photos and recognitions from prestigious underwater film festivals and photo contests around the world. His work has been broadcasted, published in magazines and exhibited in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chicago, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Switzerland at major cities such as London, Bangkok, Athens, Prague, Cape Town and Chicago. All his underwater photography has been produced only from digital compact cameras.

He gained his passion for diving in Canadian Pacific waters and became a PADI Scuba instructor in 1996, but in 2003, he dived into underwater photography with the digital camera revolution and has never come up for air since. Having shot in cold water, the tropics, low visibility diving, conservation and research diving, he has moved into the land and underwater photo journalism realm with a devotion to the oceanic environment.

Understanding the potential for shooting underwater and on land with compact cameras, he has translated his experiences, expertise and know-how of shooting with digital compacts into workshops which he teaches mainly throughout Asia in English, Thai, Cantonese and Mandarin. As well, he continues to strive for the well being of our oceans and to help preserve and improve its conditions.

"Our oceans are still a world of mystery despite human advances, with 98% (NOAA) of it still to be discovered and protected. As a photographer, I feel it’s one of my roles to stop people lost amongst our chaos and bring the wonderful and tragic realities of nature to them through my imagery; to make them aware and realize..."

Color and light take on new sensations through a lens when combined with water and modern imagery techniques expressing a totally different art form. Alex specializes in creating underwater images as well as multi-media content to electrify the senses and introduce people to a world from our ocean depths. His work ranges from portraits to artistic interpretations of ocean wildlife and seascapes to conservation efforts to save our seas.